Holiday Season Specials

We are sold out for this holiday season! Thank you for your support! xo
What mini Christmas cupcakes should look like! 😍😍.jpg

Mini & Full size cupcakes

Price ranges from $30 to $50

Assorted mini holiday themed cupcakes with an assortment of holiday flavours ( select 4 flavours-chocolate candy cane, gingerbread, smokey brown butter, ferrero rocher, red velvet, vanilla sugar cookie etc). 

Image by Victoria Alexandrova

Mini Tiramisu/Matcha Misu

$15 per container

Limited edition containers (8 inches long by 2 inches high) of either tiramisu or matcha misu. This delicious dessert serves 2-3 people. Traditionally made with alcohol but can be made without booze as well!


Sweet & Savoury Holiday Grazing boxes


These festive grazing boxes are perfect for the foodies in your life. Details on size of each box and pricing located in the order form (link at the top of the website)

Our boxes come with artisan homemade dips, our gourmet mini holiday themed cupcakes, assorted cheese, fruits, candy, veggies, nuts and more! A true feast for the eyes and stomach! Please inquire directly for more photos

Coming Soon Neon Light

Sweet Holiday Grazing boxes


Photos coming soon! These boxes come with an assortment of delectable desserts. Perfect for sharing!

These boxes come with gourmet mini holiday themed cupcakes, our speciality sugar and gingerbread cookies, fresh fruits, tiramisu, matcha misu, gourmet candy, chocolate dipped pretzels and more! Please inquire directly for more photos.


Our 8 by 8 box is $50 (feeds 2-3), our 10 by 10 box is $60 (feeds 3-5) and our large box which is 10 by 14 is $70 (feeds 6-9).